An update on the future of Juked
A letter to the community from Ben Goldhaber, Juked co-founder and CEO.
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Juked Launches Live Chat Beta
Another day, another major new feature hits the Juked app!Live chat is officially entering beta!
Juked x Gamers Outreach
We're excited to partner up with Gamers Outreach to launch the official Gamers Outreach Supporter badge on Juked for anyone who has donated $5 or more to the cause!
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The Juked Merch Store Is Now Open For Business
Juked merch is now available, but not for long. Our first limited run of Juked merch runs from July 21st to August 4th!
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Juked Retrospective - Our first four months in stats
It's been four months since we launched Juked on iOS and Android, and we're excited to share some early metrics that illustrate the growth of our community and app. Here's to the Juked community! 🥂
XSET x Juked: VCT Masters Copenhagen Collab
Juked and XSET partner up to give fans exclusive behind the scenes content and AMAs from XSET's Master's run, and a limited time "Rep The Set" badge to equip on their Juked.
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Juked Launches Jobs & Networking section
Juked is thrilled to announce, we have officially launched the Jobs & Networking category. The new section will be a hub consisting of aggegated career advice, tips for interviews & building a résumé, job postings, and a place for users to share advice and post their own résumé for all to see.
Announcing Juked's Community Crowdfunding Round
We're launching our second crowdfunding round on Wefunder today, which lets anyone invest in Juked for as low as $100.
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First to 3,000 Followers Charity Challenge
Want to help build an anti-toxicity esports platform AND give back via charity? Then do we have something for you...
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Juked Pride 2022 Badge - Support a good cause & earn an exclusive badge!
In our efforts to support the LGBTQIA+ Juked will be contributing $300 across the charities and invite the Juked community to donate as well!
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Juked opens up to gaming content in major UI update
We are officially opening the doors to gaming content and couldn't be more excited to have folks sharing their passion on Juked.
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Support your favorite organization on Juked & earn the first-ever exclusive team badge
With the launch of badges in our latest Juked update, we figured why not do something incredibly cool for our users with a little friendly competition!
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Juked App Update: Profile changes + major improvements to functionality & more!
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T.L. Taylor joins Juked Advisory Board
‍Taylor will work with the Juked team to advise on issues of community building, diversity, equity, and inclusion on Juked’s social platform for esports fans.
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Juked's first to 1,000 Charity Challenge
Help build an anti-toxicity esports platform AND give back via charity? Well, that’s a win-win.
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Juked Adds Rainbow Six: Siege as Eighth Supported Esport
We are OFFICIALLY adding our eighth esport to the Juked App since we launched last October with Rainbow Six: Siege! It feels like just yesterday we added Rocket League, and there are still so many esports we have coming - soonTM.
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Introducing Verification Tags
Verification tags are the latest update to Juked with the aim of authenticating notable esports figures on the Juked app.
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The Download 3/24: RLCS Winter Major begins, VCT NA reps being finalized, NA makes EPL debut, and more
The best car ball players compete for $300,000, VCT NA's final spot is up for grabs, NA debuts in EPL, and more.
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Juked Expands with Rocket League
Rocket League is the 7th esport on Juked. Welcome to Juked, Rocket League family!
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The Download 3/17: The Kings of NA VALORANT will soon be crowned
The kings of NA are soon to be crowned in VCT while EPL, CDL, and LoL seasons carry on.Top Story
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The Juked Android Alpha Is Finally Here
After a billion "Android when!?" messages...we have an answer.
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The Download 3/10: ESL Pro League returns, VCT NA is being settled, and CDL teams are back to Season play
If you like regular-season matches, this is the week for you. We promise.
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Juked App Update: EXP Ratings + Tagging UI Update
More awesome updates coming to the Juked app this week, including a summed EXP rating on user profiles, improved UI for adding tags to your posts, and more.
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The Download 3/3: CDL's first Major of 2022, OWL teams finally getting OW2 access, and more
This week is all about the first Call of Duty of the year, Overwatch hopium, VCT, and some League of Legends!
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Juked Announces Sponsorship of Lady Spartan Pro Series
As part of Juked's Women's History Month celebration, we're proud to announce our official sponsorship of the Lady Spartan Pro Series, a $20,000 female Halo tournament shining a light on the best female Halo pros.
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The Download 2/24: NAVI fights a battle on two fronts - IEM and Ukrainian conflict
NAVI fights different battles, NA VCT gets a long-awaited match, and LoL seasons are starting to cement. That and more happening this week in esports!
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Juked App Update: Anti-Toxicity + QoL Improvements
Learn more about our first patch post-launch.
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The Juked App Is Officially LIVE! 🥳
It's finally here, and we couldn't be more excited.
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The Download 2/9: VCT NA Challengers begins, Halo returns to Anaheim, and more
Halo returns to Anaheim and things are HEATING UP for NA VALORANT fans with Challengers officially starting this week & more. So read on!
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The Download 2/3: This is an esports fans' dream weekend!
An esports fans dream of a weekend; Final 4 NA VCT spots filled, BLAST reaches playoffs, and LCS & CDL seasons kick-off. A DREAM.Top Story
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Juked Patch Notes: Live Streams & VODs
Another week, another patch! Good stuff inside 👀
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The Download 1/27: An Esports Unicorn
Biggest deal in esports history?? First Major CS event of 2022, VALORANT returns to NA, and more this week!
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Juked Announces Strategic Investors
Juked add Gaingels and The Mini Fund to investor list.
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The Download 1/20: Esports is BACK for 2022!
It's the first SUPER major esports weekend of 2022.
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Juked Patch Notes: Calendar + Scores
Long have we waited, scores tab activated! 📅
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Halo Infinite launches on Juked... NOW!
We're adding Halo just in time for HCS Raleigh.
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Juked Patch Notes - Spoilers 🙈!
By popular demand, spoiler mode is here! + more
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Announcing: Juked Weekly
Our new live show/podcast, every Friday at 2pm PST!
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Juked X Collegiate Esports
We're officially launching support for Collegiate Esports!
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Patch Notes: Tagging + LoL + More
Our biggest patch since launching into alpha last month is here. More info after the jump.
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Dennis “Thresh” Fong Joins Juked
Successful esports entrepreneur and esports Hall of Fame inductee "Thresh" joins Juked's board of advisors.
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Juked Launches Into Alpha
We've officially launched mobile app to the first 100 alpha users, read on for more info on our alpha launch!
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Say hello to the new Juked 👋
A new color, a new logo, and a new Juked. We're excited to unveil our rebrand and our brand new mission.
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Our Stance Against Toxicity
Esports For Everyone: our new tagline is more than just a tagline; it's a mission statement.
Our Anti-Toxicity Pledge