It's baaaaack!

Want to help build an anti-toxicity esports platform AND give back via charity? Then do we have something for you...

We’re holding our second follower contest that will reward the first user to hit 3,000 followers on Juked with a $500 donation to the charity of their choice!

There's no set end date, it’s just a matter of who hits 3,000 first. You can tell your friends/followers to search "Juked Esports" on the app store or go here: Esports Fans, Welcome Home.

Not sure how to grow your following?

Make great posts on the app & use the post sharing feature to spread the word! High-value posts will make users more likely to want to follow you & help you make connections with other users that share the same passion for esports you have.

And don't forget to spread your profile via our share feature to your other social channels, let people know what Juked is all about, and ask them to follow you!

So get out there, spread the word and grow your network.

Good luck, have fun. Let's do great things together!