Halo Infinite's launch has been met by both critical acclaim and overwhelming hype from the gaming community. And so far so good on the esports side of things as well, with early tournaments reaching 50,000+ concurrent viewers and storylines a'plenty with legacy teams such as OpTic dominating early competitions.

And today, we're excited to announce that Halo is launching as an official game on Juked! To follow Halo via the Juked app, just hit the 🔎 on the bottom navigation and search for "Halo." The birth of a new esport is always exciting, and we can wait to see the community develop on Juked.

Just in time for the first super tournament in the HCS Kickoff Major, Raleigh, too. It's gonna be SUPER OMEGA HYPE.

Oh, by the way, we've got some Halo influencers on the platform to follow as well, like @Bravo, @GoldenboyFTW, and @MosesFPS. Give them a follow and share some love!

HCS Raleigh Hype

The Halo Infinite Kickoff Major in Raleigh is set to be the biggest Halo tournament yet, by far, and we can't wait to dive in and watch.

The tourney is comprised of a few components, all of which will be supported on Juked:

- 256 team open bracket - top 16 qualify for final bracket
- 16 team round robin for qualified teams - seeding for final bracket
- 32 team double elimination final bracket.

It's going to be epic. Looking forward to discussing every moment with you all on the Juked app.

If you're not already signed up for the Juked alpha, make sure to register now at jkd.gg/Alpha. We'll do another invite wave tomorrow just in time for HCS Raleigh's kickoff!

PS: if you're not able to get into the Juked app but still want to follow the crazy stream and match schedule, just bookmark our HCS Raleigh web portal. Good times.