User Verification Tags On Juked

We’re happy to announce Juked verification today! We will be gradually verifying users over time, but it’s really important that we first talk about what our thoughts and intentions are for this verification system. 

First and foremost, the purpose of verification on Juked is to authenticate notable figures in esports. This is not a status symbol or some validation that creates a “have” and “have not” dynamic on Juked. Verified users will not receive any special treatment of any kind. The main goal is to make sure our users feel comfortable that who they are interacting with is indeed who they are portraying themselves to be. 

We have also added text alongside the verification tag to provide a bit of context to who the verified user is in the industry. This is a unique aspect of our verification system and we believe this added information will add an element that will help guide and inform our users as to the possible expertise or knowledge another user may have in esports. 

Examples of this are:

  • You’re new to esports or a specific esports community and you see a pro player or a pro coach talking about a strategy in a match. This will help you immediately identify that they probably know more about strategy than someone that’s not a pro player or coach.
  • You’re someone looking for a job in esports and you see an event organizer, team owner, or editor that you might want to try and impress with a super thoughtful post.

Our list of tags will start with the following and likely be augmented over time: 

  • Pro Player
  • Coach
  • On-Air Talent
  • Creator
  • Journalist
  • Team Staff
  • Industry Insider

How to request verification:

To request verification, you’ll need to fill out this form. Our review team will use the information provided and look at 3 main criteria for your account: 

  • Is this account authentic?
  • Is this user very notable in esports or holds a major role at a notable company in esports?
  • Is this account active? (used in the last 3 months)

Please note: verification is something that can be removed at any time based on a review by the team in specific circumstances like:

  • Changing accounts
  • No longer in the role they were when they first verified
  • Repeated violations of terms of service or content guidelines 

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us at Otherwise, see you in the app!

Chris "ChanManV" Chan, Juked Co-Founder/COO