Juked Announces Official Sponsorship of Lady Spartan Pro Series, $20,000 Female Halo Tournament Series

As part of our Women’s History Month celebration, we’re excited to announce that Juked has officially partnered with UMG’s Lady Spartan Pro Series (LSPS), a Halo tournament series aimed at facilitating visibility and competition for the female pro Halo ecosystem.

Our core mission with the Juked app is to make esports more inclusive and accessible to all. If you’ve been following our journey you know that our values as a company and community align perfectly with those of UMG and this tournament series, which is why we were excited to have the opportunity to get involved. Tournaments like the LSPS provide a avenue for exposure for female pros, shining a light on the skill and competitiveness of the best female players in Halo, but also serving as an aspirational goal and example for all women looking to make a name for themselves in the pro scene.

We believe that it’s only a matter of when, not if, female professional players will compete at the highest echelons of esports. But esports culture has a long way to grow: women consistently face harassment, discrimination, and hate in online competitive gaming, making for a tough path. Providing a non-toxic and harassment-free environment for competition is an important piece of LSPS and everything we’re doing at Juked to make the most inclusive and least toxic place for esports community and discussion.

Tournament Format: 

  • Pro Series 1 Open: March 5th
  • Pro Series 1 Finals: March 12th
  • Pro Series 2 Open: March 19th
  • Pro Series 2 Finals: March 26th
  • Pro Series 3 Open: April 15th
  • Pro Series 3 Finals: April 16th
  • Pro Series 4 Open: May 7th
  • Pro Series 4 Finals: May 14th

The Grand Finals will feature the Top 8 teams according to pro points at the end of the Lady Spartan Pro Series, supported by a $10,000 Prize Pool. The finals will occur on May 21st-22nd, 2022. Find exclusive match updates, news, and recaps around the event on the Juked app.

Learn more about the Juked app's core features and anti-toxicity commitment at app.juked.gg or download the app on iOS here.