Hey everyone,

Delan Tai here, Co-Founder and Head of Engineering at Juked, with my very first blog post!

With our app finally live on the iOS App Store I'm excited to share our first patch notes post-launch. Today's patch packs in a ton of quality of life improvements, bug fixes, UI tweaks, and some new measures aimed at keeping Juked the least toxic, most engaging destination for esports fans. On to the details:

Anti-Toxicity Measures

  • Extensive list of banned words added to our backend (words sourced from our partners at Queer Women of Esports).
  • Added anti-toxicity pop-up message when users make their first post.

These are small but important steps, we'll have more to share about our plans for maintaining Juked's status as the most wholesome place for esports discussion in the coming months :)

UI Tweaks & Misc. Improvements

  • Added a set of new game icons to bring consistency (and higher resolution) to all parts of the app.
  • Standardized button design across the app.
  • Tweaked home feed UI and post padding
  • Improvements to posting, especially when creating a long text post.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed minor issues with YouTube player embed
  • More stuffTM

The final thing I'll say is that I'm now officially shifting our engineering team to focus almost entirely on getting the Android App to market ASAP. So to our Android brethren, stay patient! We're working hard to support you soon.

That's it for the update! Thanks for reading, and go forth and update your app via the iOS App Store!

Delan Tai, Juked Co-Founder/Head of Engineering