Hey everyone, it's Chris here with another product update! This week we've got a good one, so let's get right into it.

New UI for Post Tagging

Now, if you don't tag a game or team in your post we will automatically prompt you to do so.

One of the most unique aspects of the Juked platform is the ability to tag esports games, categories, or teams in your post, and reach a wider audience. When you tag, for example, a game, anyone who follows that game will see your post in their newsfeed, and your post will show up on the game's landing page. The same would happen if you tagged a team. That said, the importance of tagging wasn't made clear enough in our previous UI.

This change fixes that by automatically prompting you to add a game or team tag if none was originally present in your post. We think this is a big improvement that will fill up your feed with more insightful analysis, recaps, and breaking news directly from other users.

+1 EXP Count Added to User Profiles

Rank up sweet +1's on your posts and comments, and track your rep directly on your profile! Also, ChiefThad is awesome, follow him.

We absolutely love it when our users share high quality content. This can be anything from breaking news, to opinion pieces and predictions. ChiefThad has been ahead of the game, and one of our most active posters. Now you can track your EXP and instantly see how much other Juked users are contributing to the platform via their profile.

Content Policy Added to Profile Page

Our Content Policy is the backbone of our community, and is now more accessible via your profile page.

Reserved Influencer/Team Usernames

We're excited to see esports personalities joining the app, from players, to team owners, to Collegiate organizations, to journalists, and beyond. We're now reserving a select number of names for when those folks decide to make the jump (and they should... go tell 'em!)

Bug Fix: Upvote/Comment Count

Sometimes, especially on match posts, the comment and upvote count wouldn't "stick" properly. This bug should be fixed from here on out.

Updated Banned Words List

Our banned words list is a constant work-in-progress and we welcome your feedback as this will be an ongoing process.

What's next?

That's not all... there may be an easter egg or two about our next upcoming game addition in the app. If you find it, don't tell anyone! It's our little secret 🤫

We'll also be welcoming a large new group of users to the Juked app, but nothing to share there yet... but soon. 🤖

All for now, until the next update!

Chris "ChanManV" Chan, Co-Founder/COO