Start. Your. Engines.

We are beyond excited to announce the launch of Rocket League on Juked, the 7th esports game we've added since we launched the Juked App to the world last October.

We've been keeping our ears close to the ground to determine which games are most desired by our community, and Rocket League was at the top of the list—by a lot. Today, we're excited to welcome the amazingly passionate and dedicated Rocket League community!

With the RLCS Winter Major on the horizon, we couldn't think of a better time to give the community a toxic-free place to engage with other fans and keep up with the biggest happenings via our news feed + calendar.

Not familiar with Juked? Here's what to expect on the app:

  • The Juked App is the best way to follow and discuss esports.
  • Get everything you need to stay up to date on your favorite games and teams: scores, schedules, breaking news, and more.
  • Build a profile that represents your passion for esports.
  • Create content and find an audience by tagging games and teams in your posts.
  • Discuss esports in a less toxic, more focused environment that is ALL about esports.

To follow Rocket League (or your favorite Rocket League teams), simply hit the 🔎 and search for Rocket League or the team name and follow.

Don't have the app yet? Let's fix that. Click here to get access to our app on iOS or Android.

- Steven "HeartBreaker" Cropley, Director of Content & Esports Lover

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