Juked Launches Into Alpha

Juked has invited 100 hand-selected users to kick off the platform with an inclusive and anti-toxic environment for esports discussion. 

LOS ANGELES, CA: Today, Juked.gg, a social platform dedicated to creating a more inclusive future for esports community and discussion, has announced the launch of the alpha stage for their upcoming mobile app. 

This is the first big step in bringing members of the esports space into the app which will be a major test for the product and what it hopes to bring to the esports industry. These first 100 users will be the foundation for the Juked community, and have been hand-selected to represent Juked’s values of diversity and inclusivity with the goal of creating a toxicity-free environment for esports fans.

The task is not an easy one, however, Juked is taking steps that go above and beyond the average social media platforms to ensure their goals are met, including requiring phone authentication to register and make posts on the app and partnering with DEI focused non-profit Queer Women of Esports

The Juked alpha launches with social features including a feed with user generated content, commenting, upvoting, and the ability to follow teams, games, and other users. Once a user registers for an account and follows their favorites, the newsfeed and app content will then be curated entirely to their preferences. Additionally, the app shares many of the features users have come to expect from Juked.gg, and also aims to be a guide for everything esports, including news, scores, schedules, push notifications, and more.

Juked is launching with a limited number of games—just the FPS titles CS:GO, VALORANT, Call of Duty, and Overwatch to start—in order to make sure they provide the best level of support possible at launch. However, Juked will strategically roll out support for as many esports as possible as the app transitions from alpha to full release in 2022. 

Find out more about the Juked app and sign up for a chance at future alpha waves at app.juked.gg.

Note: we're hiring engineering talent to help build out our mobile and web products! If you have React/React Native experience and love esports, check out our open roles here.