Another day, another major new feature hits the Juked app!

Live chat is officially entering beta!

We're thrilled to give the passionate fans that make up the Juked community yet another toxic-free medium to engage with others, share their thoughts, and unite in support of their favorite teams, players, and games.

Chats will launch on a small scale while we work out any potential issues and gather feedback on how we can improve the feature. Initially it will be event based with the VALORANT NA LCQ having one centralized chat for the tournament. Eventually we will roll it out to other areas of Juked such as breaking news, individual matches, and more.

Users will begin to see chats appearing at the top of their feeds. If a user is interested in joining a particular chat, they only need to click on it to see more details about it and follow that up by clicking the "Join" button.

Once you've entered the chat, you'll get some details at the top that you can swipe away (swipe the bar up) for a fuller view of the chat itself. Users will be able to see other chatters, chat themselves, and even post giphys within the chat.

In terms of other features in the live chat, by pressing over a users chat you can create a thread reply, copy their message, flag the message for moderation, or block the user via the drop down menu OR you can react with one of the options on the top right of the message.

If you're wondering how you can watch the matches while talking in our toxic-free chat at the same time, I have good news for you.

  • Option 1 - you use our chat on your phone and full screen the match on your desktop. Ez.
  • Option 2 - you can picture-in-picture the Twitch app over the top of the chat! (image below)

All you have to do is open up the stream on Twitch and then swipe back to Juked without clicking the X on the Twitch player. Success! Now you can enjoy the stream and a much better chatting experience.

As stated previously, we will be launching the live chat beta alongside the VALORANT NA LCQ with a live chat for the entire event. We'll be opening the chat room each day prior to the first match and closing it shortly after the final match of the day. We ask any VALORANT fans (or just folks who wanna help us out and join in on the fun), to jump in and enjoy the chat alongside us and other users.

This is another major step forward for Juked and we appreciate every one of you!

You can now invest in Juked directly and participate in our success via Wefunder!

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