Juked is changing!

We are officially opening the doors to gaming content and couldn't be more excited to have folks sharing their passion for all things gaming on Juked. I want to be very clear though, esports is still the life force of our app.

As will be explained in a video below, users can easily navigate to a filter from which they can choose whether they want to see gaming only content, esports only content, or all content. Users will also be required to select what kind of content they're sharing when making a post themselves.

We were all fans of gaming before that love expanded into esports as well, and we at Juked want to give gamers an even better opportunity to learn about and engage with esports to see if they have the same passion.

"General Esports" becomes "Other Games"

In order to allow for gaming content outside of the titles we currently support, we will also be renaming the "General Esports" category to "Other Games." This means if you have gaming OR esports content you want to share regarding any titles we don't have a tag for already, you will choose that tag when making your post and just make sure you have selected whether it's esports or gaming content appropriately.

So WHY are we doing this?

Even though we created Juked for esports, we noticed rather quickly that many users still wanted to discuss general gaming content ranging from strategies to rank up, their favorite maps or skins, memes, and more.

Prior to this update, this content felt out of place on Juked or was simply not allowed and we knew we needed to be more welcoming to other content, while simultaneously still catering to our more diehard esports audience who let us know they still wanted purely esports news & discussion.

Juked now provides the best of both worlds! With the new UI, filtering, and posting options, users can continue to cater their feed to their interests at the moment they use the app and ensure folks who want to see their posts can.

This update also includes some bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed bug with new posts causing crashes
  • Fixed bug with newly created posts showing twice after refreshing
  • Fixed bug with touch events not working on older posts
  • Lowered minimum characters required for display names to 1

We want your feedback!

We're doing a Juked Roundtable with you, the community, TODAY at 5pm ET / 2pm PT where we hope to hear your feedback! So Join our discord and let us know what you think! If you can't make the roundtable, hit up our #feedback channel withwhat you think or if you're having any problems give us a holler in #support.