We have a doozy of a patch for you today, highlighted by the addition of Live Streams and VODs in the Juked app! Also in this patch are massive improvements to user posting (you can now embed links in your posts) and more newsfeed improvements than you can shake a stick at.

Let's get into it:

Discover and Watch Live Streams and VODs

Ever been frustrated when searching for a live esports stream, or recordings of past matches? Never, ever again. Find them both by clicking the matches tab and navigating to the games you're looking for.

Link Embeds Automatically Added to User Post

Now, when you share a link in a post, the content of said link will be automatically embedded. If you'd prefer no embedded content, you can delete or replace it with a manually uploaded image.

This is a HUGE upgrade for content creators looking to share their content, or for anyone who is linking directly to an article, video, or clip.

Newsfeed Improvements & Fixes

There are quite a lot of newsfeed QoL improvements packed into today's patch, including:

  • Clips are now playable in-feed without opening a browser
  • You can now swap to portrait mode when viewing a clip or article
  • Many fixes and improvements to our Twitter embeds to better reflect all of Twitter's functionality
  • Videos open in full screen, but can be changed to PiP

All for now... we hope you enjoy the newly added functionality! You can share your feedback/ideas on how to improve the Juked app with me directly on the Juked Discord server.

Chris "ChanManV" Chan, Co-Founder/COO of Juked