Henlo frens.

It's patch day, and while we weren't able to squeeze in the match schedule tab just yet, it's a big one!

Here's what you need to know:

Hide Spoilers Toggle (Spoiler Mode)

One of our most requested features is here! By default, we will display match scores in our newsfeed. However, if you want to use the Juked app and avoid spoilers, we gotchu: simply head over to your profile page, click the⚙️ in the top right, and toggle "Hide Spoilers" to ON.

*clicks* ... nice

Newsfeed Image Upload Improvements

If you tried uploading images on Juked, you know that it was... well, lacking.

Luckily, posting images just got a buff. You can now upload images in 16:9 -->3:4. Anything outside those dimensions will need to be cropped, which you will be prompted to do natively in-app.

More improvements to cropping will be coming in a future build.

And more...

- Links in Juked now open in an in-app browser, because convenience

- Crashes now greet you with a friendly Jukey instead of a blank screen 

-  [Bug fix] "<User> tagged you in a post" now correctly takes you to the source of the mention

All for now. But when I say "for now," I mean it... we another big announcement for you this week, some might say with "Infinite" potential. 👀