What a wild ride it's been so far!

We launched the Juked App on Android 4 months ago and that meant we'd hit a major milestone by making Juked available on both major platforms!

Since then, we've grown in users by the thousands, seen more posts, comments, and upvotes than ever and seen a community of esports and gaming fans form right before our very eyes.

To celebrate what Juked has been able to do thus far and share some of the amazing numbers behind our growing community we've created an infographic with everything ranging from total users, geographics, social interactions, and more. We'll break it into pieces and touch on each individually below so it's easier to digest! Without further ado, here's our 4 month breakdown of Juked to date.

First off, we've been able to grow our total users to nearly 16,000 and build a truly global community. As can be seen in this geographic breakdown, our community is mostly from the United States but also hail from countries from all around the world and share a common love: esports.

So where have we been and where are we going? The product timeline presented above gives you a breakdown of every step we've made from the very first limited alpha test all the way up to our latest updates and charity initiatives. No need to worry either, this is only the start. For the rest of 2022, we'll be launching new features and functionality to further improve our value proposition to esports fans, like live chat, better posting tools, and more esports utility like box scores. If you love Juked but spend lots of time on your PC, fear not: we're also planning to revamp our website later this year to include all of the new features from the app on web.

As mentioned at the start of this post, our engagement has grown nicely in recent months. More users are creating posts themselves as well as engaging with other users' content via comments, replies, and upvotes. This is the kind of interaction that is going to help build Juked into the true home for gaming & esports fans.

With the growth in users, we've seen many orgs now being represented on the app by thousands of fans sharing their passion. In addition, many of these organizations have jumped on with accounts where they can and are interacting with the community.

And finally, we've seen the rise of several esports titles on the app. With CS:GO leading early, it was overtaken by Rocket League prior to VALORANT's community coming in to steal the crown.

It's been an absolute pleasure to see our vision for what a dedicated and toxic free community could be begin to flourish and we're nowhere near finished yet. We have many more features in the roadmap for continuing to improve what we already have as well as bring forward news innovative ideas. We're excited to continue to work with our users to develop the platform and community into the best place for esports discussion.

Want to join us on this journey? You can now invest in Juked directly and participate in our success via Wefunder!

We launched our second community crowdfunding round earlier this month on Wefunder that let's anyone invest in Juked for as low as $100. Through Wefunder, you can own a piece of Juked and contribute to our mission of creating the most inclusive home for esports fans. Learn more about our community round on our Wefunder page: Wefunder.com/Juked

PSA: We're hosting a Webinar (Community Roundtable) this Friday at 2pm PST in our Discord server! 

This is your chance to meet the Juked founders, hear our story, and ask us anything. RSVP for our Webinar here.