Esports For Everyone

Our new tagline is more than just a tagline; it's a mission statement. 

We believe that esports can be the most open, inclusive, and diverse community out there, and we’re excited to make this a centerpiece of our upcoming app.

Why now?

While esports has grown exponentially over the past decade, the community still suffers from serious problems. Toxicity, harassment, and discrimination have become commonplace on modern social media platforms, making esports hostile and unwelcoming to many.

Esports fans are frustrated by the status quo. We know this because we’ve talked to thousands of you over the past 2 years, and you’ve told us loud and clear: you crave a better place for esports community and discussion. A place less toxic than Twitter, less spammy than Twitch chat, and less hive-mind-y than reddit. Where you can join conversations with people who are just as passionate as you are and make new connections.

Esports as an industry needs to evolve in order to continue to grow. We can be better, and we're not going to sit around and wait for a solution: we're taking action.

So what are you going to do about it?

Our plan to create the most open, safe, and inclusive environment for esports discussion is multifaceted. Here are just a few of the ways in which we plan to address this important issue:

  1. We’re requiring phone authentication before users can comment, post, or chat on Juked.

Creating a higher barrier to entry for trolls and spammers is not the end-all-be-all solution, but is an important first step to show that we’re taking this seriously—even if it impacts user growth in the short term. Reducing toxicity is simply that important to us. 

  1. We’re partnering with Queer Women of Esports to collaborate on diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

We’re excited to partner with the non-profit organization Queer Women of Esports in order to inform our internal and external DEI policies, including our code of conduct, and collaborate on future projects that promote inclusion in esports. We’re making a one-time donation and ongoing quarterly donations in order to support QWE’s mission.

  1. We’re adopting AnyKey’s Keystone Code into our content policy and moderation policy. 

We are excited to adopt AnyKey's simple yet powerful Keystone Code as part of our content policy. The Keystone Code has become a new gold standard for informing online behavior in esports and gaming social spaces. Additionally, we will use AnyKey's definition of harassment and discrimination to inform moderation decisions.

  1. We’re starting with a core group of hand-selected users, and growing selectively.

It’s important to set the tone on Juked with a solid base of users that exemplify our mission of inclusivity and diversity, and thus we are carefully hand-selecting our initial user base, starting with our upcoming alpha. In order to grow sustainably, we will utilize an invite system similar in many ways to Clubhouse, so that community can grow safely and organically over time.

  1. As we grow, we will employ professional, paid moderators.

Our dedication to change the tone of online discussion will be reflected in how we work on moderation. Alongside a user reporting system, we will provide opportunities for paid professional moderators to join team Juked.

These solutions are just a starting point. As we scale, cutting-edge technical solutions like machine learning and natural language recognition will come into play. Lots of interesting things are happening on that front, and we'll have more to say there soon.

Remembering the old ways of the internet

We remember a time before social media, where forums were the de-facto place for online communities and discussion. 

On forums, you recognized familiar faces. You could have deep conversations about the things you were passionate about. Spammers and trolls would get the banhammer, never to be seen again. That’s in stark contrast to modern social media, where hot takes are the norm, nuanced conversations are few and far between, and a sea of anonymous users define the conversation.

With the Juked app, we’re building a new place where your esports identity lives. A place where you feel a sense of home and camaraderie with like-minded fans, where you can express your opinion, and where you can have conversations without fear of toxicity and repercussions.

We want to hear from you

Creating a better way for the esports community to interact and engage is a north star mission for us at Juked, but we can't do it without your input. We'll be hosting a live Q&A session this evening at 4pm PST in the official Juked Discord (we'll be trying out their new Stages feature), so please come drop in and chat with us. In general, we always want to hear from you.

That’s it - that's our vision. If it resonates with you, I’m glad to say we’re right around the corner from launching the alpha version of our app. Head over to and enter your email in order to be the first to know about our upcoming launch.

PS: If you’re a React/React Native engineer and any of this sounds interesting, we’re hiring to build out our mobile team! We'd love to chat :)

Ben “FishStix” Goldhaber, Co-Founder & CEO