Who doesn't love patch day?! I know I do. And this one is super exciting because we're implementing our biggest new feature to the alpha since launch, one that will make posting original content a lot nicer.

Here's what you need to know:

Entity Tagging System

Technical name, but bear with me.

Our brand new tagging system now allows you to tag any entity in your user posts, including 1) games, 2) teams, and 3) users.

Why is this important? Well, when you tag a team (for instance Envy's VALORANT squad), your post will now be associated with that team and will show up on that team's landing page AND in the newsfeed of all users who follow that team. Same thing for games - have an opinion, meme, or breaking news to share about Call of Duty roster moves (lord knows there are a lot), tag @Call of Duty and your post will be displayed on the CoD landing page as well as in the newsfeed of anyone who follows CoD.

It works just like @tagging someone on Twitter: type the @ symbol, and we'll use elastic search to poll our database for all relevant queries. For instance, type @VAL and then select VALORANT to associate your post with that game entity.

Same deal for teams. Type @Envy and all of Envy's squads will populate. Select the squad you're posting about via the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Once posted, we'll populate the full team name with cool, neat, eye-catching logos. And you can do the same with tagging users!

With these tags in place, you'll ensure your post gets into the feed of everyone else who follows the games or teams you've tagged. This is a BIG buff to user-generated content (UGC) on Juked, and we hope you use it well to gain a new audience, meet like-minded fans, and have deeper discussions!

We know that our UGC system is still somewhat lacking, and will be working to add new features and functionality over time, including the ability to natively embed content and more. Stay tuned!

Support for League of Legends

Yes yes, I know. We're a bit late - Worlds is over, and the 2022 LoL season is a ways away. But we didn't even HAVE League on the app, and it was already among our most discussed games. Besides, there are still plenty of crazy roster changes going (Bwipo and Bjergsen to Team Liquid?!?!) and plenty more news to discuss.

So, today, I'm EXTREMELY excited to announce that the Juked app officially supports League, our first new game added to Juked.

To follow LoL (or your favorite LoL teams), simply hit the 🔎 and search for League of Legends or the team name and follow.

Support for Collegiate Esports

Oh boy, a LOT of good stuff today huh? Over the past few weeks, we've been speaking to Collegiate Esports organizations and have discovered that there truly is no good community hub for the collegiate esports community and its fans to interact, discuss, ideate, and promote what they're doing. We intend to fix that.

Here's how collegiate organizations, players, alumni, and fans can get involved:

We're making a call to all Collegiate Esports organizations to submit their team's logos and information so we can add them to our database so that Juked users can find, make posts about, and follow your team/org.

We're also offering all collegiate esports fans the chance to apply now and gain access to the Juked alpha!


Phew... that was a lot. Thanks for reading! If you haven't already, make sure to join the Juked community Discord and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on all things Juked alpha.