A new color, a new logo, and a new Juked.

We've been hard at work building the Juked mobile app, which includes a big new product direction—it's such a big move that for us that we actually consider it Juked 2.0.

Update: the Juked App is now available on iOS and Android! Download the app now.

*drumroll please*

Esports For Everyone

Esports has grown and flourished in ways we could have never imagined 10 years ago. But we've also lost a sense of community along the way in the wash of modern social media and hot take culture. Esports for everyone, and our brighter, cozier brand represent our mission to build a more open, more inclusive, and less toxic community for esports fans. We hope you'll join us soon. 🙏

If this sounds interesting, read on.

Why are we heading in this new direction?

We know that esports fans are sick of doom scrolling through social media just to try and stay on top of your favorite esports. We know that they're tired of low-quality, hate filled discussions on existing platforms. And we know that we all crave a deeper connection to our favorite pastime.

If what we're talking about resonates, then what we're working on is for you. Be sure to sign up now to be the first to get the app.