We want fans of organization to unite for a common cause - to bring glory to their favorite org & fashion to their profiles! So get out there and may the best fans win.

With the launch of badges in our latest Juked update, we figured why not do something incredibly cool for our users with a little friendly competition!

Want to support your favorite organization while simultaneously earning yourself an exclusive team badge? Well let me tell you a little something...

From today, Thursday May 26th until Thursday June 2nd, the organization that increases their total following on Juked by the largest amount will earn each of their fans a first of it's kind and exclusive team badge!

For example, if G2 esports has 5,000 total followers now and gains 5,000 new follows by the end date, they would be +5,000 and overtake OpTic who in this example started at 10,000 but only gained 2,000 new followers.

The basics:

  • Competition runs from Thursday May 26, 2022 through Thursday June 2, 2022.
  • The team with most new followers will win (Starting vs. ending follow count across entire organization).
  • This badge will be given to ALL followers of the organization on Juked, not just new ones so join the fight whether you're new or old!

How can you help your favorite organization win?

  • Let the organization know about the competition! Tweet at them, post to them on Juked, etc.
  • Share your profile or posts on other social platforms telling people to join Juked and follow your favorite team!
  • Tell your friends! Find other fans of the team and let them know what's at stake!
  • Are you a member of a discord of fans for a specific team? Let 'em know.