The first SUPER major esports weekend of 2022 is here with 7+ major events to watch/follow. Let's get into it.

CoD drama is at fever pitch... but the show most go on.

So much drama in the C.D.L.

Snipers get banned, then they get unbanned. Top players retiring or leaving for Halo. Top commentators and hosts (Maven, Lottie), are nowhere to be found.

Yet, still, the hype is palpable leading into the first Major of the Call of Duty League season.

It's a brand new game, with brand new rosters being formed. What's not to love?

Atlanta Faze is the favorite and will look to repeat their dominance from season 1 where they took 1st place. Optic Texas, formerly the Dallas Empire, has new ownership and a renewed swagger. Will we see these two legendary CoD orgs clash in the grand finals?

Interestingly, even though it's a new Call of Duty game, the teams have been seeded into a vicious single elim bracket. So it's do-or-die from the first match. Make sure to tune in and follow Friday through Sunday here.

Events to Watch

My Terran idol Maru

2022 GSL Super Tournament

StarCraft 2 is 1v1 esports at its absolute best, and the best players in Korea will clash -- on LAN -- this weekend. It's a 16-man single elimination bracket with $30,500 on the line. Watch.


Even though it's "only" a $250K tournament (not huge for CS:GO), TONS of the top teams are here to play like Gambit Esports (#2 in the world via HLTV), Astralis, and Complexity's brand new CS:GO roster. Watch.

Knights Arena Valorampage

We still have a couple of weeks to go before Riot's official VALORANT leagues are in full effect, but that won't stop you from getting a preview of some of North America's best teams in the $25,000 Knights Arena this weekend. Watch.

Capcom Pro Tour: Japan Finals

The land of the rising sun is also the land of many of the best fighting game players in the world, who will display aw-inducing skill in Street Fighter V this weekend at the CPT Finals. Watch.

LCS, LEC, LPL, LCK... and more

You're going to have to get used to use covering League of Legends in this newsletter, because the regular season is long and full of terror. Like Bjergsen standing in for Team Liquid's academy team, for instance...

In particular, you'll want to tune in for week 2/3 of the LCS Lock In tournament where we'll run all the way up to semifinal action with $150K on the line. Follow each LoL league here.

Intel World Open Beijing

Dota 2 is back with its first major tournament of the year, featuring a $300,000 prize pool and legendary Chinese Dota squads (and TI winners) like PSG.LGD, Vici Gaming, and Invictus Gaming. Watch.

Juked Updates

The Juked Alpha got buffed

Yesterday was awesome. We just released our biggest patch yet since we launched the Juked app into alpha 3 months ago, and rolled out our biggest invite wave too - read more about the big patch on our blog!

Want to know what the hype's all about, but not in the alpha yet? This is your formal invitation to apply now for access. See you on the app!