Time for teams to prove themselves in VCT NA Challengers 1

Cloud9 are the favorites in NA

VCT Stage 1 Challengers 1 has reached the playoffs and we couldn't be more hype for it. $200,000 on the line, but the real prize is a spot at VCT Masters and only the top two teams will earn that right.

The region's eight best performing teams from the group stage are paired up in what could be the most exciting matches of the year thus far in North America. I mean come on, we get Sentinels vs. The Guard in the first round??

The playoffs will consist of a double-elimination bracket where all matches outside of the Losers' Final (bo5) and Grand Final (bo5) will be best-of-three.

The real storyline is Cloud9 and Version1. These two teams topped their groups with undefeated records and thanks to that, won't have a chance to meet until the Upper Bracket Final, should they both make it there.

Cloud9 has looked untouchable, even taking down The Guard lineup that looked nearly unbeatable in a relatively easy fashion. Are Cloud9 North America's big international hope? Hard to bet against it.

OpTic still has to be in the conversation though, because I mean really, who can count out el diablo? The squad has shown some of the best peak form, but still needs that consistently to take on the new forces of C9, V1, and The Guard.

Then we have Sentinels, the lineup that was once the crown jewel of North American VALORANT. ShahZam and company haven't looked so hot lately, losing every first map in their 3-2 group run and falling to OpTic and Version1. The team has a coach now though and may be able to get some reps in before they make their playoff debut.

Want to see the best VALORANT in North America battle it out? Do that and get all the details here.

EPL Season 15 reaches second group

Group B of ESL Pro League Season 15 is here and wow, it's already shaking things up.

ENCE has come out the gate swinging with back-to-back wins over FaZe, hot off their victory at IEM Katowice, and the new star-studded Vitality lineup. The Finnish organization is showing up big with these upsets, and has pushed some top-tier teams one step closer to elimination.

There's still plenty of CS to be played, however, and three of the six teams per group will make it out so Vitality and FaZe are still favored to join ENCE in the playoffs unless the Outsiders (former Virtus.pro) lineup can bounce back from their 0-1 start against FURIA.

Who's making it out of Group B? Let's find out.

Esports to Watch

ATL FaZe have a chip on their shoulder after Major 1

CDL Stage 1 rages on

Stage 2 is reaching its second week and we'll get to see Atlanta faceoff against a surprising London team, an always formidable Ultra lineup, and the Mutineers. Should they walk away unscathed, I think we can officially say they've shaken off the loss against OpTic

NYSL will get their best chance at a second win this season with their match against Paris Legion this week too, but I wouldn't bet on it. Looks like they may be playing without a bench Clayster as well, but nothing official quite yet.

Make sure you keep up with how it all plays out.

LoL Spring Seasons near end around globe

We're nearing the end of the Spring Split as teams solidify their places and the next steps begin to form. T1 has maintained its undefeated record in the LCK (surprise!) while Cloud9 has positioned itself as the sole leader of the LCS. CLG & Dignitas will be giving their best to hand C9 their third loss of the season this week, but given how things have played out thus far, it's not expected. Stay up-to-date with everything LCS.

The Juked Android Alpha Is Finally Here

It happened! After months of anticipation and lots of "Android when!?" we launched the alpha on the Google Play Store yesterday!

The Android users who jumped in have been loving the app thus far and we couldn't be happier. It's the latest step in our effort to make a positive esports experience and community more accessible to all. So join us, would ya?

It's important to remember this is an alpha. But we’re very excited to finally share our Android build with the community and continue to make improvements across the board.

- Steven "HeartBreaker" Cropley, Director of Content & FPS aficionado