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RLCS Winter Major is ON

V1 Comm celebrates (RLCS Esports)


We're going to be seeing TONS of those over the course of the next week as the RLCS Winter Major kicked off yesterday. The $300,000 prize purse is one of the biggest in the Rocket League esports scene, so you know it's going to bring out the best.

The originally 16-team event has been knocked down to 15 after Sandrock Gaming was unable to acquire  Visas for their players. A team many had hoped to see on LAN, SRG was considered a dark horse by a portion of the community. Shortly after the news broke, SRG's CEO also stepped down from the organization.

Group A, B, and C are made up of four teams while Group D is now only 3 with Spacestation Gaming, Pioneers, and Dignitas vying for the playoffs. Version1, G2, and BDS are the first three squads to pick up two wins in their groups, but a few more teams will have the opportunity to achieve that today.

We've already seen some big comebacks, great celebrations, and intense matches and we're only entering the second day. When we tell you Rocket League is HYPE - we mean it.

Want to find out for yourself? Do that and get all the details here.

NA's spots at VCT Masters remain unfilled - until now

It all comes down to this. North America's representatives at VCT Masters are set to be determined as only six teams remain in contention.

Thanks to their strong upper bracket runs, either OpTic or The Guard will guarantee their place in Iceland. Pretty simple, they just have to win their match against each other.

The winner books their ticket while the loser will fall into the lower bracket where they'll need to pick up another win to earn their spot. With how tightly contested the event has been, playing another match is a big risk.

In what's considered a surprise to some and expected by others, Sentinels are already out after suffering losses to Version1 and The Guard. The rest of the expected performers are still in, but Sentinels will miss their first major event since their formation.

Who's reppin' NA in Iceland? Let's find out.

Esports to Watch

Liquid open things up with a 2-0 over BIG

NA makes its debut in EPL S15

ESL Pro League continues as North American side Liquid debut for the region. It wasn't a bad start either as ELiGE and company took down big in a 2-0 sweep. They'll be facing GODSENT in their second group stage match later today.

Speaking of good starts, Movistar Riders are off to a 2-0 record thanks to victories over Party Astronauts and Players. Still some tough competition, but they'll definitely take it.

Make sure you keep up with how it all plays out.

Another week, another weekend of CDL

Stage 2 is well underway and the top dogs of OpTic continue to impress. The Green Wall is off to a 3-0 start after their Stage 1 Major victory, but they're not the only undefeated team.

Surprisingly, Boston Breach is also sitting pretty with a 3-0 record. FaZe on the other hand is 2-1 after a loss to the Seattle Surge.

Can OpTic continue its dominant form? Guess we'll have to find out.

LoL doesn't sleep, seasons continue

There's still hope for TSM, albeit limited in the LCS. T1 break records, secure an undefeated season. All-stars are being determined. And the playoffs are still to be played for the Spring Split!Stay up-to-date with everything LCS.

Start. Your. Engines.

We are beyond excited to announce that we launched Rocket League on Juked last week! RL is the 7th game added to the Juked app since our launch last October, and we're excited to welcome the amazingly passionate and dedicated Rocket League community!

We've been keeping our ears close to the ground to determine which games are most desired by our community, and Rocket League was at the top of the list—by a lot.

With the RLCS Winter Major on the horizon, we couldn't think of a better time to give the community a toxic-free place to engage with other fans and keep up with the biggest happenings via our news feed + calendar.