LOS ANGELES, Calif. (November 9th) - Today, Juked.gg, the new social network for esports fans, has announced that multi-exit entrepreneur and Esports Hall of Fame inductee Dennis “Thresh” Fong has joined the company’s board of advisors and will work closely with Juked’s executive team to advise on business and marketing strategy, with an emphasis on collaborating on the issue of toxicity in esports and gaming. 

Beyond being a multi-time founder and CEO with over $900M in successful exits, Dennis is also considered by many a founding father of the esports industry. 

Dennis' career in esports began in the mid-90s when he was the first professional esports player to hit the mainstream, gaining notoriety when he won John Carmack’s Ferrari in the Red Annihilation Quake tournament in 1997. Dennis went on to found several esports and gamer social platforms including Gamers.com, Xfire, Raptr, and Plays.tv, each product reaching many millions of users.

"If you've ever played multiplayer games online or participated in gaming communities, you know that toxicity can be a big issue," said Dennis Fong, advisor to Juked. "Ben, Chris, and the Juked team are dedicated to creating a better social experience for esports fans and I’m thrilled to be able to help contribute to that."

“As an esports fan, it’s incredibly exciting to have someone like Dennis on board, a literal esports legend,” said Ben Goldhaber, Juked CEO. “But Dennis is also the perfect person to advise Juked: he has more experience than anyone on the planet in launching wildly successful social and community products in gaming and esports.”

Dennis joins Juked’s growing list of experienced investors and advisors that span the gaming industry, including Twitch co-founder Kevin Lin and Twitch EVP Jon Shipman, the renowned accelerator 500 Startups, and others

Dennis’ new venture, ggwp, shares a common theme with Juked: to reduce toxicity in gaming. The companies plan to collaborate and share resources around this important problem. 

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