This just in: XSET and Juked together are teaming up to celebrate XSET's run at VCT Masters Copenhagen and Rep The Set on the Juked app.

We're excited to work with XSET to hype up their VCT Masters run, starting tomorrow. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Anyone who follows XSET VALORANT during their VCT Masters run (or before) will receive an exclusive "Rep The Set" badge to equip on their Juked profile.
  2. XSET will be providing behind the scenes content from their VCT Masters run, only on Juked.
  3. We're running an AMA with the XSET VALORANT squad with questions sourced directly from the Juked community.

Download Juked on iOS or Android and follow XSET VALORANT and the official @XSET social account in-app to participate. We will be awarding Rep The Set badges to everyone who follows XSET during their Masters run, and post an AMA thread to grab your questions for the team in the next few days.

We're stoked to work together with XSET, one of the most forward thinking teams in esports and NA's best hope at Masters. #RepTheSet❌

~ Ben